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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Mixed Media Art Journal Cover

Today I was in the process of art journaling and I decided to decorate my actual art journal cover! I had wanted to do this for a while but could never decide how I wanted to decorate the cover. The over all feel is really inspired by my love of all things whimsical and creepy! I'm still planning on adding more detail over time but for now I'm happy with how it's coming out. Hope you guys enjoy this! I'd love to get your feedback...
The Background Consist of Gesso, Acrylic paint, tissue paper..
Door was colored with Acrylic paint, distress inks, Gel bead medium, Liquid pearls

 I used "Ruby Red" liquid Pearls to achieve this textured look within the heart.

The Tutorial Video for this cover will be on my "Youtube" channel shortly so be sure to check that out.


  1. love it, so beautiful. love the door and the key hole work...

  2. This is really cool! Love that background! TFS. Blessings!

  3. Thanks so much ladies! your too sweet :-D

  4. Ooh Sandra this is gorgeous! Love those details :)

  5. It turned out great, don't you just love playing with that glass bead medium.

    Norma G.

  6. Hi Sandra!! I am Sandra too:):) I love your blog! I found you from your you tube channel!! I look forward to watching the things you create. I am your newest follower :):) Come see me sometime at my blog!! I usally quilt..but lately I have been art journaling!! I love making my own books and arting in them. I look forward to being friends!! Sandra

    1. Your so sweet Sandra! So happy you enjoy my video's and art works..I'm totally gonna visit your blog and I'm so happy you took the time to write me and become a follower ( you made my day). I look forward to being friends with you and seeing your artworks!!