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Friday, June 14, 2013

DIY Day Book Album Cover

Hello, Bloggy Peeps!
I recently designed the cover of my Amy Tangerine day book . I really enjoyed the creative process that went into designing the cover and did my very best no to over -think it, which can be difficult for me at times ( believe it or not). The best advice I can give you when attempting to design your own (album cover) is to just commit to whatever decision you make and don't fiddle around with it to much because it might keep you from even attempting to start. I find that in crafting the hardest part is just the  "starting process" because at least for me, I tend to want things to just look perfectly designed but "what is perfectly designed??".  " Beauty is in the eye of the beholder" as the old saying goes and not everyone will like your design but at the end of the day if you like the design that's all that really matters. I guess the point I'm trying to make is that you should be crafting for " YOU" and no one else but you and it will be perfect! On that note ( I do hope you like my design) or at the very least it inspires you to start a project you have been scared to begin if your interested in seeing the creative process on this cover checkout my youtube channel on the side bar where I have " DIY" video on this album cover.

I love creating my own elements ,so I designed all the mini circles you see on the page. It was my attempt at creating ones similar to the Studio Calico ones but with my own twist.
                                                 Thanks for stopping by!

Monday, May 27, 2013

Mixed Media "Mermaid" Page

The background color was achieved using my Gelatos from Faber Castell in various shades of blue
I had so much fun doodling her ( I just love mermaids)

I'm totally late in posting this specially if you watch my YT channel. I'm posting this for all my Bloggy Peeps that mostly come to my Blog and do my the great honor of subbing me!I created both these pages a a little bit ago and never got around to posting them so here they are my lovelies! 

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Clay Charm Goodness

Hey, Bloggy Peeps
If you follow me on my YT channel, then you have more then likely seen my (Polymer Clay Video) on how to paint your clay. You also gotta to checkout the fun little charms I made which I think turned out pretty nice ( for my first attempt). Anyways I decide to post pictures here on my blog for all my amazing blog followers who make my day by just wanting to see my humble creations! I will be working on posting more exclusive content here on my blog which I think you guys will love.I'm on my last two weeks of school so finales having me going a bit bonkers but once this is all said and done ( I will have way more free time for some crafty goodness) LOL. I plan on post more video's on how to make your own charms in case you wanna make your own but dunno where to start. I've personally always dabbled in various crafts and did ceramics all through high school so I thought I'd share something a bit different then my normal stuff. Hope ya'll like it!
These are my clay clay charms!
The Clay Frames I made ( the greenish one I painted on cam) Below this pic you will find a very silly video I created which is only posted here on my blog..Enjoy! And Thanks for stopping by

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Happy Easter Card!!

Hey , Bloggy Peeps
I hope you all had an amazing Easter or Passover. I had lots of fun hanging out with my sister and watching the season finale of ( The Walking Dead). I was really hoping Andrea wouldn't get killed off since in the original comic book series she was lived through all this stuff ( but she did kinda put herself in harms way)..Ok enough ( Walking Dead) rants from me! ( LOL) I recently posted a new tutorial for this lovely card you will find below and I hope ya'll enjoy it, if you haven't already checked it out! I have a mini Easter haul I'm gonna be posting by tomorrow which should have gone up on Easter really but I've been super busy with finales this semesters so I tend to be running around like a chicken with her head cut off.. Feel free to ask me any questions though all the supplies used, I do show in my video..Thanks For stopping By!
I'm so happy I finally got to use this TGF set because it feels pretty hoarder like to have a stamp set you have never even inked up..I hope I'm not alone in this! hehe
                                                                        Crafty Hugs

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Mixed Media Art Journal

Hey , Bloggy Peeps!
I've been mia on my blog for while because of some dramatic life changes. If you follow my Youtube channel ( starsinpalm) then I'm guessing your up to date on my life drama. Anyways things are starting to get back to some sense of normal in my life with the exception of tons of hw from college classes. For all of you who have hung it here with me despite lack of posting thanks a million and I promise to get back on the ( posting horse). Below is a recent mixed media page I finally got around to finishing be sure to checkout the video for it if your interested in seeing my process!
                   Thanks for popping by my end of the blogishere and I hope you like it!