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Friday, September 30, 2011

Mixed Media Painting

 Hey Crafty People! hehe
I just wanted to share with ya'll my mixed media art painting.I just love trying new things as I evolve as an artist.I didn't just use paint either it's a mix of mediums  ,tissue paper ,copic markers.I hope to do a video in the future to capture the process I go through as I paint because I really enjoying watching others create as well.Plus I think its helpful to see other crafters at work because you learn so much from other with an equal passion for crafts. Hope you guys like it and feel free to ask questions if you have any. Thanks <3

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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Hello Crafty People!

(Just a pic of my Handmade flowers )  made from recycled brown paper bags.
I don't know what ya'll have been up , I've been a very Busy girl.I just been crafting a whole lot more and entering Challenges.I just really like the idea of sharing you works of heart with others and getting to know other people with like wise interest. Plus I would like to be on a design team in the near future because that would give me a great joy to be able to share my love of crafts on an even bigger scale.Actually I was recently Featured on Fiskars page for my birthday mini! I was so Flattered and happy I was like a giddy little girl (LoL).Anyways I'm still working on some other stuff and will be getting a better camera for my youtube Video's very Soon,  which is exciting because that means I can do really Great tutorials for fellow crafters.I was really interested in seeing what other crafters will create for Oct 1, for National Card making Day so If anyone is interested in Playing "Show ans Tell" Click On the right page of  My Blog and start Following my page.Once that's done send me a pic of what you created and I will put it on my Blog and if time permits create a youtube video with all you works of art and remember to Put your full name so that I can give you proper credit! Hope you decide you Play Along <3


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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Stack-A-holic Template Challenge

I love hand making my flowers
I just love how this Flower turned out!
Hey Crafters!
This is for a Challenge going on at DCWV blog. I got really inspired by the template sketch that I just had to enter and put my own twist on things! For this fun challenge I decide to use the Crafty stack from DCWV because frankly it's just a beautiful paper collection and I recently picked it up this week so anyways hope you guys like it!

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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Birthday themed Mini album

Birthday Mini
DCWV (all about Boys paper stack)
This was my first Time using a buckle like this on a mini.
Hey Crafters!
I just wanted to show you my finally finished second paper bag album mini.I put a lot of love into it and I'm very proud of it! I hope you guys like it.I will be posting a video to show you all of the inside very soon so stay tuned for that.Please feel free to leave comments or ask questions!

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One of the inside pages with photo mat & Tag

Saturday, September 24, 2011

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Friday, September 23, 2011

Paper Craft tools (must haves)

There are so many paper craft tools available today, it can be confusing when you first start out!So I thought I would share with you tools that I think are well worth investing into as you go .Keep in mind that I got my paper craft tools over time and not all at once because it can get pricey! Ok so here we go:

Bone Folders are great for sharply creasing and scoring your paper projects. I count a bone folder as one of my essential paper craft tools. ( This was one of my first tools and I think every paper crafter  should own one!

A bone folder
Distress Tool can add a lot of texture and interest to your paper craft projects.
I happened to purchase my distress tool from my local scrap store, before I honestly even new what it was for! lol.. ( What can I say I love pink). I actually use my distress tool on most of my projects in some way . This distress tool in particular  is discontinued so I say go for the tim holtz distress tool because it's does the same thing.

Heat Gun 
It can be used in many ways for paper crafting! Main way I use it is to Emboss on my projects and to dry my projects when I saturate them with Mist. I recommend the "pink pig" Embossing gun because I own it and I love it! Its a quality product that Ive owned for a few years now plus its (pink people!lol

Scissors need to be sharp and sturdy for paper projects to look great. You will need both larger and smaller sized scissors. The larger scissors are good for times when you want to cut across large areas or when your project needs you to have tools with a little more strength. Smaller scissors with sharp, fine tips are essential for cutting intricate and delicate designs precisely.
There are the Large scissors I use.
Small scissors for more detailed cuts.

Last but not least a " Paper trimmer"
I love my Fiskar trimmer

A paper trimmer is a valuable tool for many types of crafting and scrapbooking projects. The trimmer can be used to cut down or crop a photograph. It can be used to cut paper strips for quilling, paper weaving and card crafting. Paper trimmers come in many sizes. A good trimmer will have a guide and ruler capabilities made in to it. Once you have mastered how to use a paper trimmer, you will use it for many projects.

So far those are main tools I think are a good starting point for crafting. Thanks for Reading!
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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Lawnscaping Challenge #18: TEXT sponsored by Lawn Fawn

Hey everyone!
This is a card I created for the Lawnscaping Challenge over at Lawnscaping.blogspot.com ! you guys should check them out! and it is sponsored by  Lawn Fawn ( they have such cute stamps) so hopefully I win.Hope you guys like it, I got inspired by the love I have for my bf.( I'm a hopeless romantic)

Hey Crafters!
All made from recycled materials!
I just thought I would put of a pic of my first ever mini album I created ( its a paper bag album) .For those of you who may be new to crafting its literally an album made of brown paper bags that I attached together. I'm really proud of it considering it's my first album and I'm self taught so I hope you guys enjoy seeing it.If you wanna see all the inside pages go check out my( youtube channel :starsinpalm).
I had so much fun making that butterfly!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Lumiere Paints product review

This is a product review on Lumiere Paints for those crafters who have maybe been considering purchasing these paints but aren't very familiar with them and how there work.I really love mixed media so I have naturally started getting more into different kinds of paint products but it can be a little over welling ,so I thought I'd share what I learn as I go along and try new things.I purchased these set from Joann Fabric today and have been playing with them ever since!
Lumiere paint package ( they do come in a larger sizes)

(Sample) I made of how all the color in package look after they dry.

First thing you want to know is what kind of paint is it ? It's lightweight Acrylic paint.It dries quickly being that it's an arylic,you can pretty much use it on any surface wood, canvas, vellum,paper, tissue paper,shrink plastic,polymer clay, etc.Did I mention they are permanent ( I have clothes stained to prove it) so you've been warned!Lumiere paint has the thickness of( Liquid pearls by ranger)if you've ever tried them ( I'd say it's a medium thickness).You can use an acrylic flow extender to keep your paint from drying out as quickly ( basically it keeps it wet), most craft stores carry it.This paint is water based so if you want your paint thinner , you can mix some water and paint on a palette.( I normally always water mine down because I like the look I get from it but it's really up to you ( have fun with it and trying mixing it with water till you like the thickness).I've even mixed this paint with Gel bead medium and it came out stunning ( promise I'll point out when I use it on projects so you will see how versatile they truly are!) These paints are highly pigmented and many colors have dual tones kind of like how (Lindy Stamp Gang sprays) have undertone colors.

Blog Challenge (inspired by the music and movie "Somewhere in time"

I just decide to join a Blog challenge on SimonSaysStamps! I get inspiration for my art projects from lots of different places, so I was super excited when I stumbled upon this challenge via britta's blog one of the many talented design team members over there.I have a love for old movies and "somewhere in time" ,happens to be one of my fav's , even though it's sad ,it's also so beautiful at the same time ( if you haven't seen it and enjoy old movies check it out and I suggest having a box of tissues at hand.lol) Anyways I created this pocket mini card (as I call it) for this challenge and I really enjoyed making it and I hope you enjoy seeing it. ( Btw I made this out of a recycled envelope so try going green just as a way of helping the enviromant and challenging yourself)

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Tips on Paint Brush cleaning

Stained brush hairs
Some paint pigments will stain the hairs on a brush, no matter how carefully you clean it. It doesn't matter as it's color "stuck" into the hairs, and won't come out when you use the brush.
Photo © Marion Boddy-Evan

Hey crafters,
I'm sure if your like me a lot of you use paint and diffrent mediums in your projects.If you do you may wonder how to properly care for your brushes?I thought I'd give you guys some quick tips to help you extend the life of your brushes and if your anything like moi ,I'm sure you'll find the info helpful.

  1. Wipe off any excess paint using a cloth or soft tissue. Gently squeezing the bristles from the ferrule edge outwards with your fingers, or with a cloth, will help remove paint from the brush. But be careful to avoid pulling on the bristles.
  2. Rinse the brush in turpentine or oil if you've been using oils or lukewarm water if you've been using a water-based medium. Never use hot water as it can expand the ferrule, causing the hairs to fall out. ( I cringed when I figured out I shouldn't be using hot water to clean them, guilty as charged lol)
  3. Wipe off cloth again and remove the last of the excess paint.
  4. Wash gently using a little bit of mild soap (or a gentle dishwashing liquid). Dab the brush gently onto the piece of soap, then work up a lather in a small container (or the palm of your hand if you're not using any toxic pigments or solvents).(I use a little drop of dial soap)
  5. Rinse and repeat till there is no traces of color coming off your brush.
  6. Now let your brush hair dry (preferable to let it air dry on it's back so the bristles don't get mishapen). 
  7. ( Extra Tip )Always use separate brushes for oil painting and water-based medium. After all, oil repels water. Also use separate brushes for varnish, gesso, and masking fluid.  Hope this Helps

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Blog challenge 27: Card (My Minds eye)

Hey Crafters,
This is a card created for the challenge over at My minds eye Blog.I used the My minds eye paper collection called Lost&found Two "Rosy" in the 6x6 pad the buttons as well are from the same collection and the sentiment is from the matching collection also.I have a free handed drawing by yours truly in the middle,hope ya'll enjoy!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Hey, Everyone
 I'm working on a mini paper album for my nephew who turns one on sept 16th.Im so excited to finish it and show it to ya'll because it is looking great! There nothing like a nephew to inspire you to create something really fun.I don't know if this happens to other crafters but when it comes to boy themes for albums or cards it's a little more challenging (which can be a good thing).Stay tuned for pictures of the album and possibly a video ,because I put a lot of work into multi pocket flaps in the mini which was my first time doing so and I'm pretty proud of how they came out .Oh and don't forget to subscribe to my youtube channel"starsinpalm" and follow my blog.  Thanks Again * stay tuned*

from my paper Heart <3

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Just a video I made to show some of my current projects..Enjoy

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I'm still getting the hang of blogging so just hangout in there as I get better.I hope that seeing my artwork will inspire you to want to do your own and I hope you like what comes from what I refer to as my Paper heart.If you like what you see please follow my blog and youtube channel and  if you have any question in regards to my artwork or video tutorials you might like me to do, I'll try my best!

Thanks for watching -Sandra