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Thursday, November 1, 2012

DIY Handmade Eraser Stamps

Hey Bloggy friends!
Over the weekend I saw a picture that inspired me to want to try making my own eraser stamps. What are eraser stamp you ask? Well there exactly what they sound like ( Literally a stamp made from eraser that you crave yourself) there are different kinds of eraser stamps ( some are simple, other are very detailed and intricate and everywhere in between). For my very first eraser stamp I thought I'd keep it simple and see how I like the results.
This is the Pinterest picture that inspired me to make my own eraser stamps! If you have a Pinterest be sure to go follow my craft boards it's really fun to just get inspired there ( My Pinterest button is on the sidebar) be sure to share your craft boards with me as well! 

I carved these pencils with a sharp blade and decided on an chevron arrow and tri-angle as the shapes. I used a pen to draw the shapes onto the erasers before I cut, the marks served as a cutting guide. Once I finished cutting,I then inked my stamps with a kaleidoscope ink pad to create fun designs in bright colors.
For the paper on the left I created, what I call a " Circus Banner" design which I intend to use for a YT Card tutorial really soon. The chevron arrow design I really love and can totally see using in the future for multiple application such as project life, mini albums and card backgrounds. I'm thinking of  sneaking some of my handmade stamps into future designs and see if anyone you notice? ( I'm in the mood to be sneaky bwahahah) Anyways it was a lot of fun to make my own handmade stamps and try something totally new and maybe I inspired you to make your own.

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