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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Happy Easter Card!!

Hey , Bloggy Peeps
I hope you all had an amazing Easter or Passover. I had lots of fun hanging out with my sister and watching the season finale of ( The Walking Dead). I was really hoping Andrea wouldn't get killed off since in the original comic book series she was lived through all this stuff ( but she did kinda put herself in harms way)..Ok enough ( Walking Dead) rants from me! ( LOL) I recently posted a new tutorial for this lovely card you will find below and I hope ya'll enjoy it, if you haven't already checked it out! I have a mini Easter haul I'm gonna be posting by tomorrow which should have gone up on Easter really but I've been super busy with finales this semesters so I tend to be running around like a chicken with her head cut off.. Feel free to ask me any questions though all the supplies used, I do show in my video..Thanks For stopping By!
I'm so happy I finally got to use this TGF set because it feels pretty hoarder like to have a stamp set you have never even inked up..I hope I'm not alone in this! hehe
                                                                        Crafty Hugs


  1. I did the same thing over the Easter break, rewatched Walking Dead and then the Finale! lol! Sounds like a great weekend to me hehe

    Great Bunny Card , love the layers and beautiful pattern papers!

    1. I think we both had a good weekend then Annmaree cus Walking Dead is one of my very favorites! I can't wait till next season..

      Thanks so much! Your so too sweet..I'm just happy I got use that TGF set.

      Crafty Hug