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Saturday, December 13, 2014

Thanksgiving Project life spread 2014

This is the last Layout I created for Project life and I really loved how it turned out! I don't pre-plan my project life spreads so its always so cool to watch them organically come together. I decided to have an insert for this spread because I had extra picture for the month of November which is why I posted the photo above first which is the layout with the insert and the bottom is without the insert. If you wanna see how I created this layout be sure to checkout my YouTube channel which is linked on the side bar or by clicking on the word Youtube < here. 
This is my insert page and I think it turned out really nice considering it was my first time adding an insert. I was scared at first the insert would stand out to much but in the end it really looked cohesive with my layout. I created a shaker card pocket by sewing a pocket closed ( with sequin) and added a cork 3x4 card over the top of it. For the journaling card I just whipped out my type writer and left that card quite simple because I didn't feel it needed anything else. The bottom card is quite simple so with a very small cluster of alpha stickers, star paper clip and studio calico masking tape. Below this picture this insert is the other side of the insert. 
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