"If I had a Star for all the times you made me smile,I would Hold the sky in my hand."

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Art Journal "Be Happy"

Hello Everyone!
I've been super busy with work and trying to get my next card tutorial ready! Between all that I managed to do some art journaling and even recorded of video for ya'll! ( I'm just a thoughtful person what can I say? hehe) I just really love what I do, and sharing my art work with all of you is something I truly love! Soo I wanted to post up pictures of my "Be happy" art journal pages before the video goes up. I really just love these two bright and fun pages , they really feel like they express my overall feeling at that moment. If you have followed along with my art journal pages then you'll notice I like to make my pages interactive ( and these pages were no exception). I really wanted to add an art journal tag so I could later on scribble on it a happy thought or doodle! Then I thought ( hey I would love my butterfly to feel fuzzy.. random I know) so I decide to work with ( flocking powder) for the first time. ( Fun Fact : When applying flocking powder, the longer it just sits there the better it sticks so don't tap it off right away like we do when using glitter). I had so much fun making these pages and I hope ya'll feel super inspired to start an art journal or at the very least have the urge to make something fuzzy!

                        It was really fun using different mediums on both these pages.

I painted that paper Dollie with some blue acrylic paint previously and never got around to using, till now.

I wanted to use things I had in my (random bag stash "aka" things I made and never got around to using that I just throw in a bag). If you interested in seeing my "stash bag" checkout my YouTube video below ( don't we all have a random stash bag or drawer in are craft area's? ).

Hope you guys enjoy this video and feel inspired to dig around your stash area and give an art journal of your own a try! ( I promise you'll love it) 

Crafty Hugs!


  1. Sandra this is amazing! I love all of the techniques that you used...so beautiful! :)

  2. Sandra I know I have already commented on your lovely journal...but I have a little suprise for you over at my blog :) http://kitandclowder.blogspot.com