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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Mixed Media Album

I can't believe how this Month is just Flying by! Its almost thanksgiving and yet still so much things left to get ready (crafty things that is lol)..I'm blessed enough not to have to cook on this holiday , so all I have to do is just enjoy family and feasting! I would like to make a little crafty gift to the Thanksgiving cooks if time permits me ( cross your fingers). I've got quite a few projects in the works and the first one is a (Mixed Media album series) that I will be doing over on my youtube channel (starsinpalm). Naturally all my Blog followers will get to see each page and the final album all put together at the end but feel free to follow along with the video series as well! This is the current page I'm working on but that will get all the small details once all the pages are ready to be bound... ( basically its not fully done yet) 

Album is meant to be in a Cup shape.
Thanks for stopping by my Blog! 
I love how the color turned out.

Supplies Used ;
Gesso (Golden Brand) but any brand can be used
Soft gel Meduim Matte (Golden) other brands work well too.
Arylic paint (Americana) you can use whatever you prefer
Paint brushes ( I forget the brand but whatever you have is fine, Note: The better the brush the less hairs in your project)
Lumiere paint : Halo Blue Gold
Chipboard ( can be store Bought or you can use an old cereal box and be green!)
For any extra info or questions feel free to comment below! Thanks

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