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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Ribbon Rose

Hey Crafty friends!

 I hope everyone is having a great weekend! (little update) I never had a chance to work on that thanksgiving banner I wanted to make but I did get a chance to make a new type of flower (new to me anyways).I made a ribbon rose ( as I call it ) , I've never made one before nor have I seen one made, but I was in a creative sorta mood so I decide to go for it and I think it turned out just great! Best part about this ribbon flower is it's super simple to make! All you really need is a ribbon (with wire running threw it) , some thread or sewing floss ( a color that matches your ribbon), Needle (of course), Pearls for the center (or whatever you prefer as the center).

I just love this!
(strip I used to make a small ribbon rose)
I used Blue Moon Pearls.
 Step 1: Get your ribbon and fold it over so it looks like one strip, then do a straight stitch along the edge. (Note : I used a wide ribbon with wire running threw it)
Step 2 : Remove the Wire from one side of the ribbon and tie a not in the other side of ribbon so wire does not come out ( Note one side of the ribbon must remain with wire running threw it in order to make this work correctly)
Step 3: Now that your ribbon is stitched closed ,you will pull on the wire that is left on the one side of the ribbon making sure it's ( Not) the side where you tied a knot in the wire to make sure it does not come out of the ribbon.
Step 4: Now that you have completely pulled the ribbon towards the knot so the ribbon is all bunched up ,start rolling it around itself (using your hot glue gun  every layer apply a small amounts to secure the flower)
Step 5: Add the final details by adding some pearls or a cute button..whatever you fancy!
 (Note: I tied together pearls with red floss to secure to flower and added small drop of hot glue to the bottom)

*( I will post a video soon showing this process for you guys so that you can see the process in better detail) *

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