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Monday, November 7, 2011

Trinket Box

Hello , My crafty Friends
I  did actually get to craft this weekend so yay! Sometimes I get in craft funks where I can't seem to really craft much a all. I find that the best remedy for a craft funk is simply join a swap or just challenge yourself to think outside the box. This weekend I got to work on a trinket box for the swap I've joined.Since I've never done a swap before I was kinda nervous and over thinking the whole process.Finally I just told myself if you love what you make than so will your swap partner ! ( LOL)
Anyways I'm so exited to show you guys how the box is coming along but it's no quite finished yet so you will have to wait a few more days to see it! I will also be showing you the box I get from my swap partner but thats later.I'm posting a picture of the box I started off with ( which I already had in my craft stash) so you can see the before.

Hop over in a few Days to see  my altered version of this box.

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  1. No pressure Sandra! You do beautiful work and Carolyn will love it!

  2. Thanks Misty!since this is my first time altering a box (I'm my own worst critic)! :-P