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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Altered Can ( mixed media project)

Hello Everyone!
I was kinda of going for a steam punk look.
I added the chain and screws.
(Vintage image as well a bronze charm ,i will be adding watch parts.)
I've been a very busy girl this week because I started my new Job!So far I am really enjoying my new job but because of that I have alot less craft time so I think I'm gonna start posting on the weekend more.I hope everyone is having a great week and weekend! I've been working on a altered can,  mixed media project to create a cute color pencil holder.I got really inspired by Rach0013 from youtube because she is just amazing,and has really cool idea's, though I'd say I put interpreted the idea into my own artistic style.I still wanna add more things to the can but I thought I'd share it with you.I hope you guys get inspired to possibly create your own version. I will be posting a video on my youtube channel : starsinpalm to show the can in more detail as well as pictures of the process so Sub my Channel and check that out!