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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Mixed Media Art Tag

Back of my Tag
Good Morning Crafters!
This is the front of the Tag
I'm just loving the weather this morning here in Florida, we have a cool breeze yet it's super sunny (perfect beach weather if you ask me)!  I hope to get a little crafting done today but I'm one of type of artist who must get inspired in order to create, so well see what gets done today hehe. Anyways I hope you guys check out your local craft stores because there are some great deals going on at the moment ,I'll let ya'll know if I come across any amazing deals. I'll leave you now with some crafting inspiration! My mixed media art tag I created a little while ago, and seriously this was so much fun to make that I really wanna make one on camera for you guys to enjoy and see the process.

See ya a little later and Thanks so much for stopping by My Blog <3 

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