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Friday, September 23, 2011

Paper Craft tools (must haves)

There are so many paper craft tools available today, it can be confusing when you first start out!So I thought I would share with you tools that I think are well worth investing into as you go .Keep in mind that I got my paper craft tools over time and not all at once because it can get pricey! Ok so here we go:

Bone Folders are great for sharply creasing and scoring your paper projects. I count a bone folder as one of my essential paper craft tools. ( This was one of my first tools and I think every paper crafter  should own one!

A bone folder
Distress Tool can add a lot of texture and interest to your paper craft projects.
I happened to purchase my distress tool from my local scrap store, before I honestly even new what it was for! lol.. ( What can I say I love pink). I actually use my distress tool on most of my projects in some way . This distress tool in particular  is discontinued so I say go for the tim holtz distress tool because it's does the same thing.

Heat Gun 
It can be used in many ways for paper crafting! Main way I use it is to Emboss on my projects and to dry my projects when I saturate them with Mist. I recommend the "pink pig" Embossing gun because I own it and I love it! Its a quality product that Ive owned for a few years now plus its (pink people!lol

Scissors need to be sharp and sturdy for paper projects to look great. You will need both larger and smaller sized scissors. The larger scissors are good for times when you want to cut across large areas or when your project needs you to have tools with a little more strength. Smaller scissors with sharp, fine tips are essential for cutting intricate and delicate designs precisely.
There are the Large scissors I use.
Small scissors for more detailed cuts.

Last but not least a " Paper trimmer"
I love my Fiskar trimmer

A paper trimmer is a valuable tool for many types of crafting and scrapbooking projects. The trimmer can be used to cut down or crop a photograph. It can be used to cut paper strips for quilling, paper weaving and card crafting. Paper trimmers come in many sizes. A good trimmer will have a guide and ruler capabilities made in to it. Once you have mastered how to use a paper trimmer, you will use it for many projects.

So far those are main tools I think are a good starting point for crafting. Thanks for Reading!
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  1. May I ask where you bought your Pink Pig Embossing Tool?? Thanks Judy