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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Tips on Paint Brush cleaning

Stained brush hairs
Some paint pigments will stain the hairs on a brush, no matter how carefully you clean it. It doesn't matter as it's color "stuck" into the hairs, and won't come out when you use the brush.
Photo © Marion Boddy-Evan

Hey crafters,
I'm sure if your like me a lot of you use paint and diffrent mediums in your projects.If you do you may wonder how to properly care for your brushes?I thought I'd give you guys some quick tips to help you extend the life of your brushes and if your anything like moi ,I'm sure you'll find the info helpful.

  1. Wipe off any excess paint using a cloth or soft tissue. Gently squeezing the bristles from the ferrule edge outwards with your fingers, or with a cloth, will help remove paint from the brush. But be careful to avoid pulling on the bristles.
  2. Rinse the brush in turpentine or oil if you've been using oils or lukewarm water if you've been using a water-based medium. Never use hot water as it can expand the ferrule, causing the hairs to fall out. ( I cringed when I figured out I shouldn't be using hot water to clean them, guilty as charged lol)
  3. Wipe off cloth again and remove the last of the excess paint.
  4. Wash gently using a little bit of mild soap (or a gentle dishwashing liquid). Dab the brush gently onto the piece of soap, then work up a lather in a small container (or the palm of your hand if you're not using any toxic pigments or solvents).(I use a little drop of dial soap)
  5. Rinse and repeat till there is no traces of color coming off your brush.
  6. Now let your brush hair dry (preferable to let it air dry on it's back so the bristles don't get mishapen). 
  7. ( Extra Tip )Always use separate brushes for oil painting and water-based medium. After all, oil repels water. Also use separate brushes for varnish, gesso, and masking fluid.  Hope this Helps

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  1. These are some good tips, Sandra! Ultimately, one should always take time to clean their paint brushes. Don’t just leave it soaked in water or other fluids. Also, don’t squeeze the dried paint off the bristles harshly. Always consider that cleaning your paint brushes may be time consuming but it is definitely worth it.

    - Alphonse Daigle