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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Hello Crafty People!

(Just a pic of my Handmade flowers )  made from recycled brown paper bags.
I don't know what ya'll have been up , I've been a very Busy girl.I just been crafting a whole lot more and entering Challenges.I just really like the idea of sharing you works of heart with others and getting to know other people with like wise interest. Plus I would like to be on a design team in the near future because that would give me a great joy to be able to share my love of crafts on an even bigger scale.Actually I was recently Featured on Fiskars page for my birthday mini! I was so Flattered and happy I was like a giddy little girl (LoL).Anyways I'm still working on some other stuff and will be getting a better camera for my youtube Video's very Soon,  which is exciting because that means I can do really Great tutorials for fellow crafters.I was really interested in seeing what other crafters will create for Oct 1, for National Card making Day so If anyone is interested in Playing "Show ans Tell" Click On the right page of  My Blog and start Following my page.Once that's done send me a pic of what you created and I will put it on my Blog and if time permits create a youtube video with all you works of art and remember to Put your full name so that I can give you proper credit! Hope you decide you Play Along <3


Youtube name ( starsinpalm) Sub me <3


  1. I would love to know how you made the flowers for this card, do you have a youtube video for this one?

  2. Thanks again for kind words!I actually don't have a tutorial on those but I'm planning on doing one.I was just trying to get a better camera before I filmed that tutorial. Because I want my video's to be clear as possible! It will be really soon I promise :-)