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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Lumiere Paints product review

This is a product review on Lumiere Paints for those crafters who have maybe been considering purchasing these paints but aren't very familiar with them and how there work.I really love mixed media so I have naturally started getting more into different kinds of paint products but it can be a little over welling ,so I thought I'd share what I learn as I go along and try new things.I purchased these set from Joann Fabric today and have been playing with them ever since!
Lumiere paint package ( they do come in a larger sizes)

(Sample) I made of how all the color in package look after they dry.

First thing you want to know is what kind of paint is it ? It's lightweight Acrylic paint.It dries quickly being that it's an arylic,you can pretty much use it on any surface wood, canvas, vellum,paper, tissue paper,shrink plastic,polymer clay, etc.Did I mention they are permanent ( I have clothes stained to prove it) so you've been warned!Lumiere paint has the thickness of( Liquid pearls by ranger)if you've ever tried them ( I'd say it's a medium thickness).You can use an acrylic flow extender to keep your paint from drying out as quickly ( basically it keeps it wet), most craft stores carry it.This paint is water based so if you want your paint thinner , you can mix some water and paint on a palette.( I normally always water mine down because I like the look I get from it but it's really up to you ( have fun with it and trying mixing it with water till you like the thickness).I've even mixed this paint with Gel bead medium and it came out stunning ( promise I'll point out when I use it on projects so you will see how versatile they truly are!) These paints are highly pigmented and many colors have dual tones kind of like how (Lindy Stamp Gang sprays) have undertone colors.

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